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The Woodhouse Day Spa's San Antonio Rim at La Cantera Location Introduces Two New Services for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Keri Torres is the Operations Manager at the upscale Woodhouse Day Spa's two San Antonio locations: Alamo Quarry Market and The Rim at La Cantera. A breast cancer survivor who has been cancer-free for nearly a decade, Keri is committed to raising awareness about a disease that claims the lives of roughly 42,000 women in the United States alone each year.

Just 31 years old when she received her cancer diagnosis, Keri discovered a lump the size of a pebble in her left breast one morning while she was in the shower. “After a full-on panic attack,” she remembers, “I called my doctor, but it was July 3 and the office was closed for the long holiday weekend.”

When she did get in for an exam on Monday, she was referred to a breast diseases surgeon, who ordered a mammogram and a sonogram. “I actually heard the radiologist say, ‘Oh, that’s scary. We’ll want to get that biopsied,’” says Keri, who had to wait a week for the results. “When I learned that it was cancer, I was like, okay, what do we do next?”

After weighing her options—have a lumpectomy to remove the tumor and hope for the best, remove only the left breast, or remove both breasts in a preemptive move designed to prevent the cancer from spreading—she chose to have a bilateral mastectomy, not an easy choice for a woman barely out of her 20s.

The next six months were “tough.” First, she had surgery to remove both breasts. Three months later she started chemotherapy to destroy any undetected cancer cells and reduce the risk of the cancer recurring. “My hair started falling out right before Christmas,” she says. Finally, after months of chemo, she was able to have breast reconstruction surgery.

Fortunately, Keri’s story had a happy ending, but she knows that she was lucky. “I had good insurance and a lot of support,” she says, “but that’s not the case for everyone.” That’s why she’s so excited to be part of Woodhouse Day Spa’s company-wide campaign to promote breast cancer awareness. During the month of October, Woodhouse Day Spa's two San Antonio locations, Alamo Quarry Market and The Rim at La Cantera, are offering the Tickled Pink Massage and the Think Pink Pedi. When you book either service, you’ll take home a complimentary two-ounce tube of FarmHouse Fresh Pink Moon Shea Butter Hand Cream (a $15 value) to nourish dry hands and cuticles.

What’s more, The Woodhouse Day Spa's two San Antonio locations will donate 3% of the proceeds from all Breast Cancer Awareness service sales in October to the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation, a charity near and dear to Keri’s heart. The Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation assists patients, informs health professionals and policy makers, and expands knowledge through education and community outreach.


Treat Yourself for a Good Cause

Experience the ultimate retreat while raising breast cancer awareness during the month of October when you book one or both of these services at The Woodhouse Day Spa's San Antonio Rim at La Cantera location.

  • Tickled Pink Massage: Drift into relaxation with the powdery notes of licorice and spun sugar as you enjoy this luxurious full-body massage that recognizes the importance of physical touch for our health and well-being. With each stroke of FarmHouse Fresh Pink Moon Shea Butter, you’ll experience the moisturizing benefits of vitamin E, non-GMO soybean oil rich in omega-6 fatty acids, and heirloom organic cucumber extract chock-full of soothing antioxidants to hydrate and plump the skin.
  • Think Pink Pedi: Treat yourself to this 50-minute pedicure that begins with our decadent Whoopie soak rich in coconut oil and vitamin E (imagine the aroma of a fresh-baked whoopie pie). Crafted with succulent muscadine grapes from Georgia and Fitch’s Goat Moonshine (a small-batch cocktail made in Austin, Texas), our intoxicating sea salt scrub will leave your skin soft and deliciously fragrant. A honey oat yogurt mask is designed to remove impurities, while soothing skin and refining skin tone. Finally, you’ll enjoy a FarmHouse Fresh Pink Moon Shea Butter massage bursting with fragrant notes of spun sugar and licorice blossom. Choose any shade of pink polish to complete the service.


Support breast cancer awareness all month long at The Woodhouse Day Spa San Antonio's the Rim at La Cantera location. Call 210.699.6500 TODAY to book a Tickled Pink Massage or the Think Pink Pedi!

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